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Review from a fellow film maker (added 12th Jan 2013)

Hi Rob,

I recently ordered and received Turn in Your Grave. I have just watched the film as well as the making of and wanted to give you some feedback.

Firstly I really liked the mystery elements and the atmosphere that was created. It was very effective. There are many great camera angles and camera moves incorporated, which I really enjoyed. The use of these camera angles to create a feeling of things being off kilter and to disorientate was great.

The music and sound effects were strange, creepy and really added to the atmosphere. The music and the points at which it was used, especially when the zombies attack - the scene where the two zombies burst through the two cardboard boxes comes to mind. It actually made me think of the sound design and music in the original Silent Hill video game.

The mask and make-up designs were horrific and unique. The subtle use of frame by frame photoshop work to create effects on the masks was really well done. I believe you have achieved what you set out to do by making the zombies in this unique and something not necessarily seen in traditional zombie movies.

I will definitely need to and want to watch this film more times to fully take in all that there is. I found myself noticing new details even just when watching the making of, like certain words on items, for example blood sells - this one in particular because it's on the canvas with the video camera painted on it.

I liked the way the title of the film was revealed as well. I wasn't expecting it and even though it's a small thing the execution gave it it's own atmosphere and fits in well with the rest of the movie.

The acting was effective, you chose a unique group of actors and not one felt similar to another.

In terms of the narrative and interpreting what is in the film I believe you have created a unique film that makes you wonder what is real or what could be imagined. So to watch it more times will be beneficial and proves there's replay value.

Overall I would rate this movie a 9 out of 10 because I like these sorts of films. I look forward to seeing more of your productions in the future!


Rodney Petrie


First review of Turn In Your Grave from the Youtube community


Preview at horrorunlimited.com (May 23rd 2012)

Preview at Joblo.com (April 2010) This was a very early trailer made in early post production.