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30th May 2012 - First review of Turn In Your Grave from the Youtube community

20th May 2012 - New trailer uploaded.

20th May 2012 - DVD now available for purchase on ebay and at www.collativelearning.com. I'm intending to add more purchasing options, such as Amazon, in the near future. The DVD includes chapters, menus, full colour printed disc artwork, 86 min final cut of the film and a 54 min behind the scenes documentary.

10th May 2012 - The Turn In Your Grave DVD will be available for purchase within the next ten days. I'm currently ordering batches of printed artwork and discs. The disc features my final release cut of the film, which runs at 86 mins, and includes the full 53 minute behind the scenes documentary. Details and pricing will be posted on this site. A new trailer is also in the works.

12th December 2011 - In early 2012 I'll be marketing/selling Turn In Your Grave independently to recoup some of the budget. Our current economic climate has been a continual distraction since I completed the screener cut, so I've had little time to promote the film. If online sales are sufficient I'll use the proceeds to approach distributors and submit to festivals.

1st November 2011 - Posted the first of several new promo clip / trailers on Youtube. This one is intentionally out of the ordinary and includes a running subtitled commentary on the state of the film industry today. Click the "trailers" link in the menu left screen to view.

10th August 2011 - Sorry folks, I've been sidetracked again. My main website has really taken off in the last couple of weeks so am doing my best to captialize on it. But I've done some great new sfx for TIYG involving insects and other vermin. The ending should be a real knockout when it's done.

20th July 2011 - Our first cinema venue screening took place on the 9th July. Thanks to everybody who was able to attend.

As is usually the case, the first screening has brought some technical glitches to attention. However, the fight scenes looked very impressive on the big screen and the feedback from audience members who hadn't seen the film was really positive.

I've now had enough overall feedback about the film to finalize the edit. As well as ironing out the technical glitches I'm going to tighten up the mid section of the film, which is too slow at the moment and excessively visual in its communication. I'll also be adding lots of new special effects, especially to the last 10 minutes of the film. The whole process should take two to three weeks, though I may have some trailers posted by then as well.


27th June 2011 - New clip uploaded (click clips on side menu). New trailers will be posted soon.

27th May 2011 - A cast and crew screening for the film has been set for the afternoon of 9th July 2011. If you worked on the film and haven't received your invitation please contact me asap. I've begun submitting the film to horror festivals.

22nd May 2011 - Uploaded a half hour documentary about the production, The Making of Turn In Your Grave: A Microbudget Feature. It includes interviews, special effects production and behind the scenes footage. Brings back a few memories. The full 54 minute version of the documentary will be available from mid-June on the DVD set Rob Ager Films Volume 3 (details will be available on my main website www.collativelearning.com).

17th May 2011 - A provional date for the cast and crew screening is set for Saturday 9th of July. I need to finalize the details, but for now make sure to mark it in your diary.

12th May 2011 - Initial feedback from viewers of the film has been very positive. A cast and crew screening is soon to be booked for early July and a behind the scenes documentary is in production.

22nd April 2011 - The full film is now completed at a runtime of 86 mins (not including credits). It's been two years in the making, including thirteen gruelling months of editing. After a week's break I'll begin choosing festivals to submit to and edit a new trailer and "making of" documentary.

3rd March 2011 - Two clips of near finished edit posted - to watch go to the clips section on the menu panel to the left.

3rd March 2011 - Well, once again the editing has gone beyond my intended completion date. It's a year today since the first day of the shoot, but the edit is now over 95% done.

27th Jan 2011 - Clip of near finished edit posted.

10th Dec 2010 - Clip of edit in progress posted.

19th Oct 2010 - Apologies everybody. The film will be delayed for a few more months and won't be ready before Christmas. I'm spicing up the visuals with hand drawn animations. They really help give life to the zombies, who now transform their appearance in certain shots(see snapshots below). A much more polished trailer will be posted soon.

3rd Aug 2010 - Final scene shot in Liverpool city centre.

16th July 2010 - Recently shot scenes have been edited into the rough cut, bringing the film to a length of 95 mins (not including titles and credits). Chris Honey is preparing some additional special effects shots to film at the end of the month. Jenny Taylor will also be returning to shoot one more short scene. The edit is now progressing at a much faster pace.

12th July 2010 - New zombie scenes have just been filmed over the weekend. Very happy with the results. Here are some snapshots.

Zombie Turn In Your GraveZombie Turn In Your Grave

22nd June 2010 - Remaining scenes are to be shot in early July.

Still shot from feature film Turn In Your Grave